Oven-Roasted Rainbow Beets

5 Medium to Large Yellow Beets sliced into cubes

5 Medium to Large Red Beets sliced into cubes


¼ cup Lime Juice
¼ Cup Perillas Seed Oil, Coconut Oil or /sunflower Seed Oil
¼ Cup
Organic Dark Maple Syrup
2 tsp. Kirkland’s No Salt Organic Seasoning (Costco Brand you can get online or at Costco)


1.You will need a large nonstick baking tray and a mixing bowl.
2. Pre heat your oven to 375 degrees
3.Prepare your Beets. Peel them first, cut the ends off, then slice them into ½ inch cubes.
4. Now make the sauce to mix your Beets with. Then, place the Lime Juice, Oil, Maple Syrup, and
Kirkland’s Seasoning into your bowl. Hand whisk mixture all together.
5. Add your prepared beets to your Sauce, mixing well together. Now place the beets and Sauce onto your nonstick baking tray, spread the beets out so they cook more evenly.
6. Place in your pre heated oven and cook for about 20 to 30 minutes. Every 10 minutes remove the tray from the oven and toss the beets around a little so they brown more evenly.
7. Once they are roasted to your liking, remove from oven and set aside for a few minutes to cool a little then place in a serving bowl of your choice.
8. These are great served with a main course, you can place them on a salad or even have them as a healthy snack.