Everyone is always curious about my passion for food. Food for me is an outlet. When I’m stressed, I cook. When I’m happy, I cook. When I’m sad, I cook. I find a kind of comfort in experimenting with different flavors to create a tasty dish or add a twist to a classic recipe. Growing up, there was a special emphasis put on high quality food. Through my parents I was invited into the fine dining scene in England, and so my appreciation for unique flavors was cultivated at an early age. More than just restaurant fare though, at home and at school I was surrounded by women who loved to cook. My mother, grandmothers and the nuns at the Convent School I attended instilled in me the importance of taking my time when it came to cooking. 

When my grandmothers were in the kitchen I would help roll the pastry dough, knead the bread or mix the cake batters. When my mother was preparing for a dinner party, I acted as her Sous Chef, always by her side and ready to help! At school, Mrs. Renee yielded her feared ruler to further ingrain the attention to detail that must be paid when making a bechamel sauce. 

Spending time around these women are some of my most cherished childhood memories. You could truly feel the love and care that was put into each dish to be served to family or friends. Looking back, these are some of my happiest times in childhood. As with anyone who has a love of cooking, there are recipes that to this day remain my favorite; chicken potpie, spaghetti bolognese, spotted dick and flapjacks are some of my favorites. 

I am so looking forward to sharing my love of the art of cooking with all of you and thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about where my passion comes from! Click around above to browse some of my favorite recipes, but remember that cooking is your own artful expression. I learned from my Gran Faithfull to use recipes as a guideline, but never be afraid to stray from a recipe in order to make the dish truly your own! Happy cooking!