Rectangular Glass Vase

1 Bunch White Spray Carnations

1 Bunch White Chrysanthemums

1 Bunch of Pink Alstroemeria (5 to 7 stems)

1 Bunch of Pink Roses (Use about 5 or 7 of them)

1 Bunch of Greens that you like.


  1. Use a medium rectangular shape vase, Place cold water in the vase with a little ice.
  2. Now add your chrysanthemums, place 4 stems around the edge of the vase and then one in the center a little higher than the edges.
  3. Now slowly fill in with your other flowers, I like using one type of flower at a time and then placing the green in last.


    I will be putting out a video that will show the steps and heights of the flowers for most vase arrangements soon.

    Change your water in the vase every 2 or 3 days, this will make sure your flowers stay as fresh as possible, also if you can add a little ice it will help them stay fresher longer.