Heart Smoothie Bowl

3 Banana’s

¼ cup Pea Protein Powder

½ cup of Almond milk



Granola Base

Chopped up Dried Oranges

Chopped up Dried Strawberry’s

Sliced Strawberries 

3 Peach Alstroemaria Flowers


  1. Place your frozen Banana’s, pea protein and Almond milkin your Vitamix or blender of choice,
  2. Start blending on a low speed gradually speeding up to high until all the ingredients have mixed together and it is nice and creamy
  3. Place smoothie mixture in your bowl of choice, I used a heart shape for Valentines Day.
  4. Decorate by placing on one side of the heart bowl a layer of granola to create a base, then some chopped up dried oranges and dried strawberry’s
  5. Slice some strawberries and place them along the edge of your granola mixture and sprinkle over everything a light dusting of powdered sugar.
  6. Now add 3 individual flowers of your choice for the final decoration. I chose 3 Alstroemaria flowers
  7. This can be made as a yummy breakfast and makes a wonderful healthy dessert.