Peach Bow Arrangement

1 Bunch of Peach Whole Roses (10 or 12)

1 Bunch of Peach Alstroemeria (5 or & Stems)

1 Bunch of Peach Flocks (5 stems)

1 bunch of delicate greens, I like spray Eucalyptus


  1. Get a medium size vase with a circular neck
  2. Start by placing your Alstroemeria in your vase placing 4 in each corner and 1 in the middle if you have more wait and now add your roses  then your flocks, now fill in with the rest of you’re Altroemaria and then add your green around the edge of your flower arrangement then through the middle.
  3. Wrapping your arrangement once it is finished,
  4. First cut one Piece of Cellophane into a decent size square so you know all the edges of the vase will be well covered with it. Now get 2 pieces of tissue paper and put them on top of each other at opposite angles and place them on top of the cellophane that you have just cut.
  5. Now place your vase arrangement in the middle of the paper and pull all the sides up till they are hugging all sides of the top of the vase. Now get your ribbon and tie it around the tissue paper and cellophane at the top of the vase so it is nice and secure and will not fall down.
  6. You can now make a bow and also place it around the top of your arrangement.
  7. This is a great way to jazz up any vase flower arrangement you are giving as a gift.


When using Alstroemaria in a vase arrangement make sure you clean of all the extra green leaves that would otherwise be sitting in the water. This will help your water stay fresher longer.