Pottery Vase Arrangement

5 White Roses

5 Pink Spray Roses

5 stems Pink Spray Carnations

5 stems of Hypericum

1 Bunch of Eucalyptus Greens


  1. Pick a medium size vase of your choice and fill with cold water; you can also use one of the packs that come with the flowers in the water.
  2. First place your spray carnations into the vase to create a desired shape.
  3. Then add a little green that follows this shape.
  4. Now place your Pink Spray roses in the vase.
  5. Now place your Hypericum there the little peach ball flowers,
  6. Now place your white/cream roses and then fill in any empty spaces with your green that is left over so it looks balanced and full.
  7. Find a great location to place your vase arrangement.

Don’t place your arrangements in direct sunlight as they will get to hot and will dry up and wilt very quickly. Place in a light area where there is partial sun or shade. Your flowers will last longer