Valentine's Day Arrangement

2 Bunches of White Hydrangeas (6)

1 bunch White Whole Roses (10 or 12)

1 Bunch of Spray Eucalyptus or other greens

1 Square Glass Vase – you can purchase this at creative arts store.


  1. First put very cold water in your vase, you could add a little ice.
  2. First add your Hydrangeas, cut them to a length so they will sit comfortably in the vase.
  3. Now fill in the gaps with your roses, cut them to a length that is either the same height as the hydrangeas or a little shorter.
  4. Finish up with placing your greens around the outside edge of vase and a little in the middle.
  5. What a wonderful quick and very pretty flower arrangement, Enjoy!


The best way to help Hydrangeas last there longest is to cut the ends at an angle then gently bash the ends with a hammer so they are a little broken at the ends and not a smooth cut.

Also placing ice in your water will help your roses and Hydrangeas last a little longer, it will give them a good pick me up