Zesty Apply Coleslaw

2 - 9oz Bags of Coleslaw mix that includes white cabbage, red cabbage and sliced carrots

1 Fuji Apple Peeled and Grated

1oz Freshly squeezed Lemon juice

½ to 1 Cup Mayonnaise (this is really a desired taste as some of us like it less Mayonnaise and others of us like lots of Mayonnaise)

Some ground Black Pepper to taste about 3 pinches if so desired.


    1. You will need a large mixing bowl, s good size chopping board, a Sharp knife, grater, and something to squeeze your lemons for the juice.
    2. Open each bag of coleslaw mix one at a time, placing the content on your chopping board and lightly chop into smaller pieces, place in your mixing bowl, do your 2nd bag the same way.
    3. If Using Whole Cabbage and Carrots chop each veggie separately into medium pieces and place in your bowl.
    4. Prepare and squeeze your Lemon juice, have it ready to go.
    5. Peel and core your apple. Now grate your apples so you get a nice little pile.
    6. Place this pile of grated Apples on the top of your prepared coleslaw mix.
    7. Pour the Lemon Juice over the Grated Apples.
    8. Mix the Apples and Lemon Juice well with the prepared coleslaw mix until all is well combined.
    9. Add your Mayonnaise and Black Pepper.
    10. Mix all the ingredients well together until all the Mayonnaise is well combined with all the other ingredients and you are satisfied with the consistency.
    11. Place your lovely Coleslaw mixture in a beautiful bowl. Serve with any Salad, veggie dish, this is great with anything cooked on the grill. Goes great on top of a Burger or on top of a Bake Potato. One of my favorites.