Zing Zangy Cauli Rice

2 tbsp. Perilla Seed Oil, Avocado Oil or Coconut Oil

1 tbsp. chopped Garlic

1 tbsp. grated fresh Ginger

1 Onion chopped into small pieces

1 tbsp. ground Cumin Seed

4 Medium Carrots lightly chopped or sliced

1 8oz box of sliced Baby Belle Mushrooms

1 Bunch of chopped Cilantro

Pinch of Salt and Black Pepper

½ Cup Teriyaki Sause (I like Tenaki Teriyaki Sause).

2 Bags of Cauliflower Rice


  1. Using a Large frying Pan, place on your cook top. Add your choice of oil.
  2. Now add the Chopped Garlic, Ginger, Onions and Cumin to your pan and sauté together on medium/high heat, stirring occasionally for a few minutes of until the ingredients are opaque in color.
  3. Now add your Carrots, Mushrooms and Cilantro, continue sautéing on a medium heat. Stirring occasionally until all the ingredients are well mixed together.
  4. Add the Salt and Pepper, and Teriyaki Sause. Mix well with the other ingredients.
  5. Now add 1st bag of Cauliflower, mixing well with the other ingredients. Then add your 2nd bag also stir well together. Place heat on high and sauté for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to keep it cooking easily.